Wireless Oximetry Solution

TestSmarter OneTrip

Requires just one trip to deliver oxygen and pickup the device

Our TestSmarter OneTrip Wireless Oximeter helps fight dwindling oxygen reimbursement costs .

Our OneTrip oximeter allows the patient to immediately upload results wirelessly upon completion of the test.

This is a major benefit for the HME provider because they are able to deliver oxygen and pick up the oximeter in one trip. The old way required a pickup of the device (or patient drop-off) to download test results before oxygen could be delivered.

Our expertise in the IT/hosting space allows us to employ safeguards other IDTF offerings just don’t have access to. All wireless communication is safely transmitted with the highest level of encryption.

Wireless Made Simple

Let us help you see substantial savings per test while allowing you to offer better service to your customers. We eliminate the trip to collect the patient’s oximeter for test data download. Instead, the patient uses our device to securely upload test data to our service for processing. This happens upon test completion, eliminating the common “waiting time” for results, meaning your patients get their oxygen faster and you save money.

  • Faster
  • Cost Savings
  • Enhanced Customer Experience
  • Secure
  • Less Waiting